Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I had BIG plans for my garden this year.  The last two years I have been planting, but just for fun and to eat as we pick.  This year, I actually got online, made a garden plan, and planted with a purpose.  I was going to can tomato sauce, spaghetti and pizza sauce, make sauerkraut, minced onion, dried dill, and a few other things.  Unfortunately, the drought took a major toll on everything around here, including my garden.  The garden hose just wouldn't cut it for supplying enough moisture to produce.  The only thing we picked from the garden were a few tomatoes that only ended up being the size of a cherry tomato.  Not good.  

Objects in the picture are smaller than they appear!

These were my green beans....

This is one of my cabbage plants.  I'm not seeing sauerkraut in my future.

This was supposed to be a 30 pound head of cabbage.  It's not much bigger than my other cabbage plants.

I didn't post a picture of my cucumbers because there wasn't any.  Just three piles of dirt where they should be.  I was so bummed out about my garden this year.  I weeded to my heart's content and it was watered and Miracle Growed.  I've have since given up on the weeding.  I really should keep up with it though.  I will get out there and clean it up yet so hopefully there will be less work this spring. I do have hope for next year's garden though.  I'm not giving up!!

I was lucky enough to get some cucumbers from a neighbor and my Grandma found some at a farmer's market that she brought to me.  I have been lucky enough to have been given the BEST refrigerator pickle recipe ever.  My dear friend, Amy, gave me her mom's recipe. 

Jeanie's Refrigerator Pickles
4 cups sugar
4 cups vinegar
1/4 cup canning salt
1 1/2 tsp tumeric
1 1/3 tsp celery seed
1 1/3 tsp mustard seed

-Slice 3 onions very thin and leave in rings.
-Slice unpeeled cucumbers. (I peel mine though)
-Put in gallon glass jar in layers.
-Mix rest of ingredients and pour brine over cucumbers and onions. 
(Do Not Cook Brine!)
-Stir everyday for 5 days, then enjoy!!
-Keep refrigerated.
-Brine will keep indefinitely, add cucumbers and onions as needed.

Thank you so much Amy and Jeanie!  The whole family loves these pickles!

I need to make more, I've been sharing!

One other thing.....

We have a new puppy!
The family finally all agreed on Tucker for his name.  He's a cutie!  His dad is a Mountain Curr and his mom is a Fiest Terrier.  As long as he makes friends with my chickens all will be well.

Enjoy the pickles!

Until Next Time,

Jen the CraftinCowgirl



  1. Thanks for linking up and sharing this yummy looking recipe. I will be trying it soon. So sorry to hear that the drought has hit you too. So many blog friends have been suffering this summer. You are in our prayers. Tucker is one adorable puppy too.

    1. Thank you for the prayers, Heidi. I am hoping next year I can get some canning done! I'm not giving up hope.

  2. My garden was also a disappointment this year :-( Your pickles sound wonderful though!

  3. Yummy pickles!

    Your puppy is cute to!

  4. Sorry your veggies were a disappointment. I only grew tomatoes this year and they are just now ripening en mass. We just roasted some for freezing. I often make brine pickles from various veggies. One of my favorites is turnips and beets with lots of garlic and brine. They turn out spicey without adding any spices.

    Yael from Home Garden Diggers

    1. I am going to have to try different veggies! I might have to try with some radishes, hmmmmm :o)

  5. adorable new pup! I've been searching for a pickle recipe as we have cucs out the ears!

    1. Glad to hear you had a good crop of cucs! Enjoy the recipe and thanks for stopping by!

  6. How nice that you received enough cucumbers to make the pickles. And your puppy is a chubby ball of cuteness. Tucker is a nice name for him. :)

  7. Sorry about your garden! I am glad your neighbor shared cucumbers and your grandmother got you some. Your pickles look delicious! I am saving this recipe for next year. That is the cutest puppy ever!

    Have a great weekend.