Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Happy Birthday B!

Hi everyone!  Sorry, I've been missing the last few days.  Berticus has been sick with a bad cough and I was trying to put together a last minute birthday party for Bug. 

I can't believe my baby turned 4 yesterday!  He has grown up soo fast.  I thought I'd take you on a little photo trip down memory lane with me....

This was Bug Monday night after his big day of turning 4.

I made him a smurf for Halloween this past year.  He was Handy Smurf, but called himself Hammer Smurf.  I love his tail!

He LOVES John Deere tractors.

He LOVES to ride his horse!

Depending on the day, he LOVES his brother and sister.

I LOVE this picture!

Bug and his cousin, Charlie, at Adventureland in DesMoines this past summer.

My sister dubbed him Toady when he was a baby, lol!  His name is Cody, get it? LOL!  Okay...

He is Grandpa's right hand man!

And guitar man

He's gonna kill me for this one someday.  We were at Galveston last March and he just HAD to wear a tourist shirt!

Cody brought some gummy treats to school with him yesterday for his birthday.  Yes, I was lazy running short on time and bought some treats for him.  He had some leftover when I picked him up from school.  He had to hold them for the ride home.  This was our conversation:

Me: So do you feel different being 4?
B: uh, no
Me: really? do you feel bigger?
B: uh, no
Me: so what do you feel like?
B: I feel like you need to open these for me right now
I guess turning 4 didn't have as big of an impact on him as it did on me....
 Thanks for stopping by today!
Jen :o)

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