Thursday, December 8, 2011

My kiddos had their school Christmas program tonight.  I love seeing all the school kids dressed up, singing solos, playing instruments, and some being the stars of the show with exaggerated actions in sync with the music.  Then there are the few that try to stand in the shadow and hide from the parents snapping pictures in the audience.  :o) 
Burt and Sissy

Bert, Sissy, and Bug

I'm glad I took a picture of the 3 of them before we left.  Bug fell asleep on the long 5 minute drive to the school.  He gives new meaning to never wake a sleeping babe.  He refused to walk from the van to the school.  His best excuse was that it would make his legs hurt and then I would have to carry him again.  For about the first 10 minutes he whined and cried during the instrument solos.  To top it off we were directly behind the video camera taping the program for the school.  I'm not sure if they will hear more of him throwing a fit or me and my threats to make him stop, which didn't work out well.  He did chill out and we all enjoyed the program.  He even joined in on Jingle Bells.  Bert and Sissy sang very well.  Bert is a little more reserved than Sissy at these things.  Sissy was getting jiggy with it up on stage :o)  I really need to invest in a new video camera.  I am missing so much!

I didn't get the picture of my craft exchange gift today.  I  forgot was so busy today!  I will get it posted tomorrow!!!

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