Monday, December 5, 2011

Introduction to My Crazy Country Life

Hi!  I have been considering starting a blog, although I have no idea what I'm doing.... I decided that I have way too much fun in my crazy country life that I have to share it!!  A short introduction:
I am a stay at home mom of 3 busy beautiful kids and a wife of a super great husband who likes to leave his things lay around the house.  (It's amusing to me how he leaves things out for me to put away because he doesn't know where they go, but....if he needs it he knows exactly where to go to get it out.)  We live in the country just outside a small rural community.  Outside there are 6 horses, 3 ponies, and Auggie the dog.  Right before Thanksgiving we lost our beloved little dog Sparky who was a victim of a hit and run vehicle.  We gave him a proper little burial in the pasture where he liked to chase squirrels.  RIP Sparky.  We love to camp, ride our horses, and spend time with family and friends.  My purpose in this blog is to share our unbelievably funny moments (no, seriously, wait till you hear the things my kids come up with!) , fun crafts and recipes that I have tried or really want to try, and just have fun!
I hope to meet some new friends here in blogland!  Looking forward to this adventure!

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