Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Hangover

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I hope everyone is getting caught up and getting some much needed rest after Christmas.  As for us, we still have a Christmas hangover.  All three of the kids were sick off and on, then the hubby claimed the recliner for 2 days.  Unfortunately, I claimed the spot beside the bathroom throne for an evening, but still managed to keep the household under control.  I can do that because I am a woman :o)  Hubby managed to keep the recliner, remote, and his eyelids, under control.

Yes, my house was a disaster on Christmas Eve.  Yes, it still is.  Thanks to this picture, I noticed the time stamp on my camera is wrong. 

The trio before presents.....oooh the anticipation! (See the big red package in the corner?  I'll show you what that was in a minute!)

Happy Camper #1

REALLY Happy Camper #2
Rockin' Happy Camper #3

Call me crazy, but I think our house even looks happy in the midst of the Christmas frenzy :o)

.....the morning after.....

Oh yeah....the big RED present!!!!

WoooHoooo!!!!  Yeah for me!!!

I just HAD to get it messy right away.  (I make bigger messes than my kids when I cook)

Merry Christmas to my dear friend, Kris, in Titonka, IA!
I heard all about your most awesome new mixer, too!

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