About Me

My name is Jen.  I stay at home with my 3 amazing kids who grow, change,( and fight) everyday.  My husband works hard (and plays hard) so I can stay home and enjoy my life with them.  We love our country life with our horses and dog.  There is quite literally never a dull moment at home.  That is when we are home.  We are involved in church, 4H, Cubscouts, basketball, baseball, softball, football, and many other extra activites.  I love to craft (does pinning on Pinterest count?), sew (Pinterest makes me think I can do anything), and cook (I wish I was a chef so I could whip up something as quick as Hamburger Helper).  I am on a mission to find quick and painless meals for my family, DIY projects to make life a little cuter around here, and handy tips to make living in our old country farmhouse a little easier.  I like to speak my mind (whether anyone is listening or not), I don't like to clean my house (it will just get messy again tomorrow), and I like to scrapbook and make cards.  To sum it up, I have a beautiful family, a wonderful husband, and I love to be creative when I have time!  (I really don't like to clean my house.)

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  1. Other that you all havin 1 extra kid, sounds just like our family! Come visit at: