Friday, August 17, 2012

Sweet Corn!

Yesterday the hubby brought home a bushel of sweet corn.  Which meant we either had to eat a bushel of sweet corn in the next couple of days or I had to put some in the freezer.  I was tempted to try and eat it.  I love a challenge, but decided to put my family first and freeze some for this winter.   

I have been wanting to try a freezer corn recipe (posted below) that was given to me last year.  The lady it came from is an unbelievably talented cook and  I trust her sweet corn recipe will live up to her reputation.  She used to own her own small town restaurant/bar and everything on the menu was to die for!  
Would you believe her name is Di, lol!  Thanks Di!

I had the kids sit outside on the picnic table and told them to start husking.  The horses and ponies couldn't wait for the corn husks! That reminds me, I need to throw them the cobs that are still in a bucket on the porch.  The kids have fun with this and do a pretty good job.  I didn't have many silks to remove during my inspection.  After everything was husked, they ditched the rest of the corn experience and headed for the sandbox.  I don't blame them, I would be soaking up the rest of the summer, too.  
School starts next Tuesday. 

I have found the handiest little tool for taking the kernels off the cobs.  If you don't have one, I HIGHLY recommend the Pampered Chef corn cutter.  Wow!  It takes about 20 seconds to clean a cob.  

The downside to this miracle tool is the lack of regard for fingers.  Apparently it does not have automatic finger detection, which results in an occasional break from corn until the bleeding subsides.  This might not happen if one pays attention to where their fingers are while "de-corning". 

But look how awesome it works!!

It is so sharp, you can cut right through the cob.  It takes a few swipes to get the hang of it.  It's one of those things you have to get a "feel" for so you know how much pressure to use.  After that, it's clean sailing...unless your finger gets in the way.

I am happy to say, the job is finished and the corn is in the freezer.  I saved a few ears for supper tonight.  Actually, I was having so much fun with the new corn cutter, that I got carried away and only left 6
 ears for supper.  There's 5 of us.  We'll see how that works tonight.

I can't wait to pull this out of the freezer this winter!  Yummo!!!

Here's the recipe:

15 cups sweet corn, cut off cob (NOT cooked)
5 cups crushed ice cubes
3/4 cup sugar
1/4 cup salt

Mix all together and freeze.

That's it!  Simple.

Do you have a favorite way to freeze/can sweet corn?  Please share!

Until Next Time,

Jen the CraftinCowgirl


  1. The goats beg for the corn husks around here. :) Our corn is all gone now, but I will save this recipe for next year. I think I will need one of those corn cutters too.

  2. I cream my corn first, then blanch and bag it. I use a wooden corn grater and it gets the cream out of the cob. I don't usually freeze corn in kernel form. I may have to try out that nifty tool though.