Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I Am Back!

I have been out of the blog world for awhile, but I have been busy!!  Earlier this spring, we bought some chickens.  I found 12 Ameraucana pullets at a local auction.  One actually started crowing, which was okay because I wanted a rooster anyway.  Then he jumped on my hubby, one of the kids, and pecked at my daughter.  I traded him for a Silver Laced Wyandotte hen.  Now we have one brown egg and about 5-7 blue eggs everday!  Ameraucanas lay bluish-green eggs.  That's part of the reason I wanted them.  I like to be cool like that.  :o)  We also have a Brahma and a Rhode Island Red.  Not sure of the genders yet.  The kids caught them at the chicken scramble at the local county fair this summer.  Along with a very soft velvety black rabbit who has a funny looking tooth.  Anyone know a good rabbit dentist???

Our first 4-H fair was this summer.  The two oldest kids showed two chickens each and made a couple of projects to be judged.  They received Participation ribbons this year, as they are Little Clovers.  My oldest son will be a regular 4-H member this next year though!  My children I graciously volunteered myself to be the Little Clovers 4-H leader this year, so starting in September, I will be having monthly meetings with kindergarten through 3rd grade kids.  I'm exciting about this and have some super fun things planned!  So, if you happen to live in or around Butler County, IA, look us up!!  Butler County Little Clovers is on Facebook!

We were busy with baseball and softball for the first half of the summer.  Our oldest son's team won 2nd place in the tournament!  Woohoo!!  It was a good end to a busy season.  The kids had a blast and I had a great tan!  Speaking of tans, we also were able to get our hands on a lot by the river in our hometown.  VERY relaxing and just what our family needed!  It is only 3 miles away from our house, so we can spend time "away from home" yet still get chores done and carry on with our fun time.  My parents have a pontoon and we've been taking a regular spin on that here and there.  There is a sandbar (low spot in the river) that we pontoon down to and hang out with the other locals on the river.  The water is at highest waist deep and there are boats with slides, volleyball nets every once in awhile, kids in life jackets and tubes, and people in general just walking around boat to boat.  It's a little bit of redneck heaven.

 "Jumpin' off the back, don't act like you don't want to"
I am so sorry you can't hear my very good version of me singing Little BigTown's, "Pontoon".

Grandma on a jet ski!!  Go Grandma!!

I love this picture!

                Oreo cookie break at the sandbar!

A few other things:  My youngest learned how to ride without training wheels, we had our own balance beam farm Olympics, we had baby ponies, and I got some ducks! 

This is my little gem, Bolt.

Here is Little Buddy and his momma Gail.

These are my Section A Welsh ponies.
They are broke to ride, but we mostly drive them for pleasure and in parades.

 I let the children name the babies this year.
Baseball says hi!

I want to keep one for a stallion and start more breeding, but I can't decide which one.  I am debating on either Bolt or Little Buddy.

That is a general update on what we've been up to.  Or should I say getting into??

Until next time, 

Jen the CraftinCowgirl

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  1. Adorable photos of children ~ great photography ~ (A Creative Harbor)

    1. Thank you so much for the compliment and thanks for visiting!

  2. Excellent pics! The 4-H fair sounds fun!

    1. Thank you! The fair was an absolute blast! I'm not sure if the kids or I had the most fun, lol!

  3. Sounds like you are having a great summer -- love all of the photos.

    1. Thank you Nancy, we are having a great summer. I'm not ready for it to end!