Tuesday, January 31, 2012

DIY Decorated Initial Plates

Howdy!!  What a beautiful day in Iowa.  It's in the upper 50's and the snow is going bye bye!  :o)  Well, there wasn't much snow to begin with, but I still enjoy seeing it disappear.  If I have the time, I just might saddle up my horse later today and enjoy a nice overdue relaxing ride.

The other day 3 of my sisters and I went to our mom's for a crafty day.  
She had a way fun new project for us.

We made decorative plates with our initials on them.  

 How cool are those?!  Mom made a bowl, too.  

Here is her plate.
They are so simple and fun to make.  Here's how:

First, you need to make sure you have enough snacks to get you through the afternoon!
This is so unhealthy essential!

 First, pick out a fabric that you want to use for the basic design and one for the letter.
Iron each and make sure they are smooth.
You will need a clear glass plate in the size you choose.

Trace your letter onto fusible web and trim around the edges.
 Iron the fusible web letter onto the fabric you chose for your letter, then cut out around the traced lines.
(I was taking pictures of my sister's and my fabric, that's why the fabric colors are different.)

After the letter is cut out, peel off the backing from the fusible web and iron your letter to the front of your fabric where you want it.  I laid my plate on top of the fabric to judge where I was going to iron. 

 We used cans to prop our plates on while doing this part.  
Flip the plate upside down and Mod Podge the entire plate bottom.
 You will need to work QUICKLY for this part or the Mod Podge will dry before you have the fabric attached all around.   It's okay if you need to reapply to some parts, I did :o)

 Lay the fabric with the pattern side down (so it will show through the front of the plate) and start smoothing the fabric down onto the Mod Podge.  Make sure you have your letter where you wanted it to be before you start smoothing!

 Smooth...  Smooth...  Smooth... Smooth..
Smooth some more, get all those edges and corners adhered!

 After this step dries, you can go around with the scissors and trim off the overhang.  
Sorry, I was excited about my plate so I didn't take any pictures of that part!
Just make sure the fabric isn't hanging over the edge and is as flush with the plate as possible.

After the initial coat is dry you can do another coat of Mod Podge to seal it all.  
I did like 3 more coats, lol!  Not needed, I just have fun with Mod Podge.

This is my plate!  I put my letter in the bottom corner instead of the middle.
Cause I like to be different like that.  Mom thought it wasn't as cool as hers, but my sisters copied me, lol!
These plates cannot be immersed in water, obviously, with the Mod Podge and fabric back.
I was thinking, but not positive, that you should be able to find a waterproof sealant or spray that you could cover the back with?  Any ideas or suggestions?  If I find out what I can use, I could make an entire custom set of dinner plates for myself!  

So many possibilities, Valentine plates, Christmas, Easter, Halloween.....
If you make some of your own, please post on my Facebook page!

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  1. Love it and I agree good snacks=good crafts.

    1. Thanks for stopping by :o) ..and for the linky party!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you Sarah! They were alot of fun to make!

  3. Love these plates. I used gift wrap for mine, sometimes it ripped so using fabric would probably cancel that problem.

    Here's a link to it: http://runningfromthechancleta.blogspot.com/2011/06/modge-podge-cocina-surprise.html

  4. These plates are great. What a fun project.

  5. These are so awesome!!!! I never thought to mod podge fabric to a plate! So creative of you! I found you on the It's Over flowing linky party! And I'm now your newest follower :) I can't wait to try this!!
    x0x0 Jess

    1. Thank you for the great compliment! I do have to give credit to my mom for showing us the idea, though :o) They were alot a fun!

  6. You plates are looking soooo good, Jen!
    So glad you stopped by at my blog and helped me find you!
    Cheers :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by to visit and leaving me a nice comment!

  7. So cute!! I love it!! Thanks for linking up! Just checking, did you see my Lisa Leonard giveaway yet?

    XO, Aimee

    1. HI Aimee! Thank for the compliment :o) I did see your Lisa Leonard giveaway and entered a few days ago. Keeping my fingers crossed!