Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Tree Hunt

We made a trip to the south side of the North Pole yesterday to find our Christmas tree.  We started off with 3 bundled up kids and lots of excitement.  We knew we were getting close when we spied deer elf tracks in the snow.  We are lucky enough to have a lovely tree farm just a few miles from our home.
Can you believe how busy the elves have been to make so many tracks all over?  The south side of the North Pole is quite a busy place this time of year.

We stopped at the entry to grab a saw and then headed off into the "snow forest" to find our tree. (By this time our bundled up bundles of joy were getting plenty warm in the toasty truck.)

This is the tree that Bug picked out.  It took a little convincing to make him walk away.....

Taking a little break from tree hunting. 

We finally found a tree we all agreed on except Sis.  She wasn't completely on board, but went along with it.

This was before Sis was on board with the can't tell at all, can you?

Then everyone took their turn at the saw.  When it finally came down we heard a "TIMBER!" in unison.

I love the Panda hat!

After the tree was down, we headed back to the main elf quarters to shake the needles out.  Inside there was hot cider, candy canes, and chocolate.  The kiddos enjoyed candy canes and chocolate while Dad took care of the tree bill.  I also got to pick out a handmade evergreen wreath for $15!  Score!

Today I am working on the tree topper.  I found another idea on Pinterest I am attempting.... I will post the new tree topper tomorrow!  Back to work!

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